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The new wireless remote release from Rollei being tested by Stephan Wiesner!

Der neue Wireless Fernauslöser von Rollei im Praxistest bei Stephan Wiesner!

A picture is worth a thousand words. On the test bench of Photographer Stephan Wiesner this time there is a practical tool that is particularly useful long exposures as well as the timelapse photography should not be missing in any photo equipment. The professional photographer and successful YouTube channel operator went to the Elbe in Hamburg to shoot the new equipment in the face of the philharmonic one professional functional test to undergo. A bright blue sky and the glitter of the modern sight are a view that shows the functioning of the video shown in the video photo accessories accompany wonderfully.

Wireless working with the radio remote control from Rollei

As a test and thus companion object for the Wireless remote shutter release von Rollei, Stephan Wiesner took the picture Nikon Z7II, a full-frame mirrorless camera. While the wireless receiver is on the camera's hot shoe using an adapter is screwed on, the wireless remote trigger, i.e. the transmitter, can with or without cable be connected to the device. The Sender and receiver is therefore the focus of outdoor testing and is now being put through its paces with regard to its functionality.

The wireless remote release is compatible with almost all cameras

The remote trigger from Rollei is a handy device, which can be used universally. The wireless electronic highlight is therefore almost every one on the market Camera compatible. To do this you need only cross-system cable connections to get voted. If the device was connected to the Sony, Nikon, Canon or similar camera, the long-term exposure of 30 seconds specified by the manufacturer can be replaced by a suitable filter be upgraded. The Ultra Long Exposure allows photography with exposure times of one minute or longer. Stephan Wiesner chose one in the present case ND8 gray filter in combination with an ND1000 filter. This allows long exposure times with a suitable aperture setting. The advantage of the presented device, according to the expert, is in the programming of remote trigger to find yourself. So will they Camera system presets bypassed and the aperture and exposure time can be easily adjusted via Time programming on the trigger design. The result of this field research is this smoothly drawn water of the river Elbe after the triggers from afar, which merges with the Elbphilharmonie in the background.

Wireless Fernauslöser von Rolle im Praxistest

The remote shutter release in the face of timelapse programming

According to Wiesner, the programming of the device is simple and self-explanatory. In particular, the default settings are used for this purpose, which can then be easily reprogrammed. This can easily be done beforehand, i.e. from home. Besides the advantage with the device remote triggering to make for the long exposure, this pre-programming is just at the photography in the dark essential and beneficial. wireless Work plus the benefits of Timelapse photography are thus fully utilized with the device. The entire video including all pictures by Stephan Wiesner can be found here:

At the end of the video tutorial, Stephan Wiesner finds words that should convince every photographer. Especially that Price-performance ratio of Wireless remote shutter as well as his compatibility are considerations to take a closer look at the device.


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