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Fotoliner Ocean L in a practical test

Fotoliner Ocean L im Praxistest

Sina and Jan, the photographer couple of the Travel Blog Lights of the World, had the opportunity to launch our new Photoliner Ocean series the Photoliner Ocean L put to the acid test in practice. You can find out all of them in this blog post Details about the test, as well as the experiences of travel photographers.


We were out in the wild with "complete equipment" and this time we have the Photoliner Ocean L tested. Compared to other camera backpacks of the Photoliner Ocean series offers that Model L clearly more room. Two to three DSLR, lenses, drone, notebook, tablet and tripod – with two photographers, half a photo studio quickly comes together! Of course, we can't trek through nature with a wheeled suitcase, so the only viable solution here is clearly: big backpack.

It's about finding the perfect compromise between spaciousness and in the truest sense of the word – portability. And here he plays Fotoliner Ocean its advantages. It's really unbelievable what's in this one space miracle everything fits! The backpack even swallows a large telephoto lens such as the Sigma 150-600mm, as used by wildlife photographers, without complaint, and you save yourself another bag.

Geräumigkeit des Fotoliner Ocean L


In the world of photo bags there seems to be almost only monotonous black or gray, at best olive for the typical wildlife packs. We think it's great that the Fotoliner Ocean in happy teal comes along. This shade of blue works without being intrusive or playing flycatchers, like the yellow or orange photo bags refreshingly new on the photo market.

Fotoliner Ocean L von Rollei

Best workmanship, practical division!

The entire processing makes you very quality impression. The zippers are big enough and very smooth-running. Rollei has to the 100% practicality thought, that shows in every detail. Uncompromisingly designed for bad weather, the zips are rainproof and, as a sustainable camera backpack, it is equipped with its integrated rain cape well protected against water if you are surprised by a heavy shower. Well thought out, by the way secure footing on the rubber feet.

It is ideal for travel photography practical division with many small extra compartments, perfect for spare batteries, memory cards, filters or cleaning accessories. By the way, he is very good to us Quick access to the camera fallen without having to take off your backpack. You only have to do without quick access to the battery compartment.

Fotoliner Ocean L in Petrol

The positive impression is rounded off by the soft padded shoulder strapthat in combination with the breathable back pad make even 11 kg of photographic equipment comfortable to carry. A very good relief of the back offers the well padded and stable lap belt, which helps shift much of the load from the shoulders to the hips. A small downside for very slim people: the belt cannot be tightened short enough. Sina was therefore unable to benefit from the relief. We would like slimmer people to be taken into account here. Otherwise there is nothing to complain about: the large backpack is also very comfortable to carry for smaller people. Sina, for example, measures 1.69 meters.

In terms of environmental friendliness, too Photoliner Ocean L not to hide: for he was made altogether 36 PET bottles manufactured.

 Fotoliner Ocean aus 36 PET-Flaschen

If you Fotoliner Ocean you can hardly imagine that, being made out of PET bottles, it's mostly recycled. His look is just too high quality to suspect his real origin.

Even packed with 11 kg of equipment including drone, it does not lose comfort, even for larger orders so are you with the Photoliner Ocean L well prepared. Really amazed us with so much quality and space extremely cheap price from 89.50, an excellent price-performance ratio!!


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Kann man den Fotoliner Ocean L in jeder Fluggesellschaft als Handgepäck mitnehmen?
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