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Hands on:Viltrox 23mm! This is what professional photographer Frank Fischer says about the lens

Landschaftsfotografie Viltrox-Objektiv 23 mm

In his brand new YouTube video, professional photographer and photo trainer Frank Fischer presents the new Viltrox lens 23mm with aperture 1.4, a special bright and open-aperture Lens that we present at Rollei in cooperation with Viltrox.

There is the 23mm lens with different mounts like Fuji X mount, Sony E mount or Canon EF-M mount on APS-C cameras and with its 23 mm focal length corresponds to a 35 mm equivalent of 35 mm.

„It feels very nice and valuable.

And the photo professional explains that he now had the lens with him for several weeks and months when he was on the road, together with a Fuji X-T20.

„What I can say is that the feel is incredibly cool. It is milled aluminum, which feels very nice and valuable. Also included is one lens hood made of aluminum, which makes a very solid and good impression. And the focus and aperture ring runs buttery smooth. The Aperture ring has no detent on the bezels but is stepless, which I particularly like. Especially when it comes to video, it is particularly advantageous if you can continuously adjust the aperture, for example if you are filming from a bright area to a dark one or vice versa and the lighting conditions change..

 Wasserfall Viltrox-Objektiv 23 mm

Used for city and landscape photography: incredibly sharp..“

Also, as Frank Fischer explains, it is Lens incredibly sharp, I got it mostly for that City and landscape photography used. Among others in Iceland and Italy. In doing so, he discovered for himself that this focal length, an easy Wide-angle lens with 35mm equivalent, very good for what he usually photographs. He also shot various panoramas where the lens wasn't even wide enough for him.

Viltrox-Objektiv 23 mm Panorama

Viltrox-Objektiv 23 mm Panorama

Fischer also explains a special feature of the lenses very clearly in the video. He says: The special thing about the Viltrox lenses is, that you electronic contacts have. This means that they are not fully manual lenses, but lenses in which the image data is also transmitted. In the EXIF ​​data you will always find the set aperture, shutter speed, etc.“

Viltrox-Objektiv 23 mm Wasserfall

And the bokeh very nice and soft, I think that's really well done.n.“

He finds the sharpness of the lens to be absolutely good. So he was very good at it e open aperture use when it comes to freeing things up and for a beautiful bokeh to take care of in the background. By the way, the bokeh is very nice and soft, I think that's really well done, he says. At the same time be the e consistent sharpness with a slightly closed aperture, it is simply phenomenal and simply incredibly sharp, especially when we consider the price. Because the price of the Viltrox lens is about a third of the original lens. He had a lot of fun taking pictures with it, reports Frank Fischer, while displaying some of his fantastic photos. I really enjoyed using it and using it in a variety of situations.nen.“

In the video he also answers the question of who needs the product and what it can be used for. who in the report on the way is, he can make great use of it. Also for users who are in the Landscape and city photography are traveling, the lens is very interesting. But also for portraits it is excellent. Photo professional Frank Fischer therefore calls the lens a „all-rounder“ and is excited.

Rom fotografiert mit dem Viltrox-Objektiv 23 mm

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