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The Lumen Flex:The LED video light for photography and filming

Stephan Wiesner testet Lumen Flex

They are, in the truest sense of the word, shining examples in our world continuous light division and at the same time Part of our Lumen Series – we're talking about ours flexible permanent lights Lumen Flex.

They have been inspiring our customers for some time because they are absolutely practical in every respect and are very different Photo and video situations adjust.

Enthusiasm for professionals

Also Professional photographer Stephan Wiesner took a closer look at our light mats and one Review in form of YouTube post published.
There he says that he is absolutely thrilled with the continuous lights, which led him to buy even three more Lumen Flex in all three available sizes ((S, M and L).

Click here for the video by professional photographer Stephan Wiesner:

Light mats to roll up

But what is special about the lights For Stephan Wiesner, the answer begins with a particularly practical feature: namely that the light mats can even be rolled up..

This allows you to easy to transport and also pack away easily while having a very small pack size which means they particularly space-saving are.

Diffuser cloth and softbox in three sizes

Also on that diffuser cloth and the optional available soft box Wiesner enters. He presents them all three sizes of lights and also explains which light can be used in which setups. For example one portrait situation, in which three lamps are very practical from time to time, because they can illuminate the model absolutely exactly from different directions. For example, a light would be used from the front, which, as Wiesner explains, makes the person look a little more rested because dark circles under the eyes are concealed a little in this way. Then a hair light from the back and one from the side for contours.

Feel free to take a look around in our shop!

You absolutely want reliable and practical permanent lights? Then get an overview of our Lumen Flex in three sizes S, M and L.


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