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Optical focus spot attachment with color foils and templates

Optischer Fokus-Spotvorsatz mit Farbfolien und Schablonen

Rollei launches optical focus spot attachment with 150 mm lens

Rollei launches a new optical focus spot attachment that comes with eight light effect templates and five color foils. Users can use it to create effective backgrounds it is a light shaper that allows studio photography to become even more creative..

Hamburg/Norderstedt, March 11, 2021. The new optical focus spot attachment from Rollei has one 150mm lens, bringing to the subject focused can be. thanks to the Bowens connector (S-Type) the light shaper is also compatible with all Rollei flashes and permanent lights and is therefore the ideal addition to the lighting equipment.

And it works like this: The Focus spot attachment is simply attached to a studio flash/continuous light and then to one of the supplied ones Stencils or color foils combined. Then flash/continuous light and Focus spot attachment use as a spot snoot would be used otherwise. So brings the new product quite simply pattern and color into the photo and creates numerous creative possibilities.

With the shadows that are included stencils create, the motifs now appear as if the model were sitting under a window, for example, through which some rays of the setting sun are falling. But not only a window stencil is included, but also many other interesting patterns and colors.

The scope of delivery includes the lens, a lens case, eight light effect cards (e.g. window, circle with stripes, window with pleated blinds), a card holder, five color foils (red, orange, yellow, green and blue) and a foil holder.


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Anwendungsbeispiel optischer Fokus-SpotvorsatzAnwendungsbeispiel optischer Fokus-SpotvorsatzProduktfotos optischer Fokus-SpotvorsatzProduktfoto optischer Fokus-Spotvorsatz