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New compact studio flash HS Freeze 2s & softbox range

Neuer kompakter Studioblitz HS Freeze 2s & Softboxen-Sortiment

Compact studio flash HS Freeze 2s & softbox assortment

Growth in a successful flash series: Rollei launches the ultra-compact HS Freeze 2s studio flash and a new range of soft boxes.

Hamburg/Norderstedt, March 19, 2021 The photography professionals at Rollei attach great importance to the new flash compactness placed. At just 785 grams, the new HS Freeze 2s This makes it particularly light, which simplifies transport to shooting locations.

But not only its low weight stands out positively, but also its power of 200 watt-seconds, which is adjustable in nine f-stops. Also includes different flash modes (M,TTL) and synchronization modes (Normal, HSS, 1st / 2nd curtain sync, Freeze).

The new mobile studio flash convinces with TTL, HSS and Freeze and is above all aimed at professional photographers, the high-quality recordings on location or in the studio but also to anyone who needs light similar to daylight. The flash has a color temperature of 5,500 Kelvin (M, TTL).

The HS Freeze 2s comes with a burn time of up to 1/20,000 seconds in freeze mode and a maximum recycling time of 1.3 seconds. It also has a sync connection, EasyCap and Delay, and the option to install a firmware upgrade. Its 32 channels can be divided into 16 groups, so preset light setups are no problem. The flash also has an LED modeling light with 5 watts, which can be adjusted using a integrated radio receiver can be triggered and has a range of 100 meters. But also its diverse Camera Compatibility distinguishes him.

The lightning gets power either through its Lithium-ion battery – which enables more than 450 releases or through the separately available power adapter.

The compact housing has a connection for Freeze 2s light shapers. With the practical Bowens S-type adapter there are numerous other possibilities to use light shapers with a Bowens connection.


A new series of soft boxes called click soft boxes are also available!

The soft box is this ideal accent light for fashion, portrait and fashion shots, the setup is absolutely easy. Because the light shapers, each also known as Striplights, soft boxes, beauty dish or octaboxes are available own one practical click mechanism. Tighten the rods until they snap into place, assemble done!!

Soft, high-contrast light with harder shadows comes from the silver inside of the light shaper. There is scattered light with the translucent diffusers, which are easy to mount on the softbox. The inner diffuser reduces the formation of a brighter area of ​​light in the center of the image (hotspot). The outer diffuser creates an enlarged light area and further fans out the light. For a precise illumination of the desired motif there is a Grid the scope of delivery with every softbox. with her Bowens S-type bayonet the new light shapers fit many studio flashes, rechargeable studio flashes and LED continuous lights. For the perfect alignment of the light shaper is the Speedring 360 degrees rotatable.


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Rollei HS Freeze 2s Studioblitz

Rollei HS Freeze 2s Studioblitz

Rollei HS Freeze 2s Studioblitz