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The Viltrox lens AF 85 mm f/1.8 with Canon RF mount in a practical test

Das Viltrox Objektiv AF 85 Millimeter f/1.8 mit Canon RF-Mount im Praxistest

Together with Lens manufacturer Viltrox presents Rollei the first lens for Canon RF systems. The 85mm Viltrox lens with f/1.8 appears in the practical test Sharpness, vignette, bokeh and autofocus tested on the Canon EOS R5 camera by photographer Stephan Wiesner. Wiesner was absolutely delighted with the portraits that resulted from the combination of his Canon camera and the Viltrox lens. through the good picture quality of the lens, the photographer was able to take his workshop pictures directly in the JPG format work without having to do any major editing of the photos after compression. The review including test charts can be found here in the video:

Auto focus, sharpness and bokeh what does the professional meani?

The Viltrox lens takes absolutely sharp photos with an aperture of 2.0 beautiful bokeh effect. The photographer deliberately only used a slight blur, because the background and the workshop could also be recognized. An exposure time of 1/125 second and an ISO value of 200 resulted in wonderful results Mixed light photos, which can be seen without further processing.

Viltrox Objektiv 85 mm für Canon

Furthermore, Wiesner took a portrait by Jan, an employee in the bicycle workshop, in daylight. The portrait was shot with camera settings f/2.2, ISO 250 and an exposure time of 1/125 second in RAW format. Here the image has been post-edited as the default Canon camera setting makes the skin appear too red. But there is a remedy here, too, and Wiesner gives the following practical tip: Always use it neutral mode instead of the pre-made one portrait mode use if continue im JPG format should be worked.

Viltrox Objektiv 85 mm für Canon

In the studio he prefers professional photographer a smaller aperture, since at the Portrait Photography the face of the person is in focus. He justifies this because the face does not form a flat plane, but has different depths. With a small aperture, it can easily happen that individual parts appear blurred as soon as the model is not looking straight into the camera. That's why he works in the studio with an aperture of f/3.2, with a shutter speed of 1/160 second and an ISO of 200. Both white balance and contrast of Viltrox lens and the Canon R5 were convincing.

Viltrox Objektiv 85 mm für Canon

Optical properties of the camera lenses

The conclusion of Stephan Wiesner a successful, alternative Canon lens, which makes a worthy opponent to the original!

He also says: Whether the Viltrox lenses are also suitable for your needs or give you one Macro and image stabilizer function of the original Canon lens are worth more, you have to decide for yourself. One worthy alternative to the Canon lens provides that viltrox definitely.“

You can find the test charts from the video here.

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Sehr schöner Bericht, wie immer von Stephan, der mir schon oft bei meiner Kaufentscheidung sehr positiv geholfen hat. Habe das Viltrox auch für Sony und bin sehr begeistert.

Otmar Müller,

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