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Product presentation with Stephan Wiesner:Our Candela series

Produktvorstellung mit Stephan Wiesner: Unsere Candela-Serie

In the dynamic world of photography and videography, choosing the right lighting is crucial to the quality of the final product. Stephan Wiesner, an experienced expert in this field, offers a detailed insight into our LED continuous light series in a clear video Candela. A range known for its versatility and performance.

Diverse product range for every need

The candela lights include four models with different power levels 60 watts, 100 watts, 220 watts and 330 watts –, which offer a wide range of lighting options for different scenarios. This variety allows users to find the perfect lamp for their specific needs, from soft lighting accents to strong illumination for complex setups. Through the recently published RGB models with 120 or 220 watts In addition to a variable color temperature, there are now also 360 shades of color available for colorful shoots.

Focus on mobility and flexibility

A core feature of the Candela lamp series is its exceptional mobility. The smaller models are specially designed for mobile use and can easily be operated with batteries. This feature makes them ideal for outdoor shooting or projects where access to power sources is limited. Despite their focus on studio applications, the larger studio versions also offer the option of battery operation, making them a flexible choice for a wide variety of projects.

The right lamp for the right project

Wiesner emphasizes the importance of choosing the right lamp for the respective project. He provides valuable recommendations based on his own experiences and explains why certain models are better suited to certain situations. His advice ranges from using the 330 watt lamp for demanding studio recordings up to the recommendation of the 100 watt lamp for mobile use and smaller sets.

Ease of use and control

Another advantage of the candela permanent lights is their ease of use. The ease of use and the ability to control settings via an app make brightness and color temperature adjustments much easier. The integration of modern technologies such as USB-C ports and the compatibility with standard video batteries underline the well-thought-out design of these lighting solutions.

Stephan Wiesner's personal experiences and recommendations

Finally, share Wiesner his personal experiences about the permanent lights of the Candela series with which he has used in a variety of projects. His insights into the reliability and effectiveness of the lamps underscore their value to photographers and videographers. With practical tips and recommendations, it offers a valuable resource for all creatives who want to improve their lighting technology.


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