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Product photography with the Lumen Flex

Produktfotografie mit den Lumen Flex

Our permanent lights named Lumen Flex (available in S, M or L) are not just particularly exciting products because they look like normal ones Steady lights in the studio can be used but precisely because they so flexible are.

Professional photographer Mario Dirks demonstrates this very clearly in one of his current videos. It is about the topic of product photography and above all about the questions of how to photograph your product and how to sets the right light.

His type of product photography explains Dirks using the example of a watch, where he opts for the top view. To make the picture a little more exciting, the background should create some kind of contrast. Dirks himself uses drywall screws to hold the clock.

Produktfotografie mit den Rollei Lumen Flex

Then it's about them correct exposure, for the Mario Dirks one L size Lumen Flex uses. And now she comes Flexibility of the steady lights in the game. Because Dirks takes them LED mat simple and forms it into a kind of cylinder, which he puts over the motif. Helpful: The mat also has Velcro fasteners so that the cylindrical shape is not a problem.

The setup that Mario Dirks built makes it a little easier. Because his camera is mounted in a holder and also directly connected to his computer, so that he can immediately view the resulting images and edit them if necessary.

Ideal at this point is also the controller or the Use via appwho with the light mat possible are. So the photographer can easily color temperature and also regulate brightness, without having to change the setup in any way.

Produktfotografie mit den Rollei Lumen Flex

Also a further setup presents Mario Dirks, in which he Lumen Flex quite simply like a kind of light tent over the object to be photographed. This way the product gets light from three sides, making the subsequent image absolutely flattering to the eye.

Here is the original video:


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