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Discover our new VIBE series:Brilliant light for professional productions

Entdecke unsere neue VIBE-Serie: Brillantes Licht für professionelle Produktionen

For the launch of our new LED panel series VIBE We gave both models to professional photographer Stephan Wiesner for a first Practical test send. In this blog post including video, he gives you a brief insight into what you can expect from our new series and why our VIBE series will be the future of video lighting.

The basics of lighting & the advantages of the VIBE series

Built with a setting from the new one VIBE Panel 900 RGB and the VIBE Panel 900 RGB Pixel Pro Even before the practical features, Wiesner shows how important it is to be familiar with the basics of lighting in both photography and videography. By changing the attached banddoors Using the LED panel, Wiesner shows how not only bright light is created, but also creative effects can be made possible. With precise light and targeted shadows, completely new possibilities for impressive visual effects open up, and not just in film productions.

Rollei Vibe LED-Dauerlicht

Versatile and compact: anywhere

In addition to the advantage that beginners in particular can use the barndoors to practice how the lighting works, the photographer finds one of the most impressive features of the new ones VIBE panels the compactness to the foreground. Compared to large softboxes and continuous light heads, the softbox and the LED panel can be folded up compactly and thus offer maximum flexibility. And wherever the shooting is supposed to take place. Simply fold it up and store it in the carry bag.

Rollei Vibe LED-Dauerlichter

When it comes to color control, the panels are in no way inferior to comparable products. With the possibility of the Built-in RGB LEDsBy adjusting colors individually, creative effects can be achieved. Stephan Wiesner demonstrates using the Control unit on the back and also with the new one Smartphone app, how easy it is these days to adjust the color temperature and tone to create the lighting mood you want. Also the "Color Picker" could particularly stand out here and makes it super easy to pick up existing colors in the set.

Also suitable for professional use?

Wiesner has an answer to this and shows that ours VIBE Panel 900 RGB Pixel Pro with additional features such as DMX inputs and outputs for advanced applications. He explains how this feature and the additional innovative ones 12 built-in pixel effects make the work of filmmakers and photographers even more efficient.

What does the professional recommend??

"With its compactness, color control and flexibility, the new VIBE series Professionals as well as beginners Video and photography new opportunities to implement their creative visions," says Wiesner.

We are excited to hear what you say about our new LED permanent lights. If you with your VIBE panel If you have achieved great results, please tag us below #rolleicreate on Instagram and Facebook, we look forward to your creative visions.


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