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Rembrandt Light:Stunning portraits with flash or steady light

Porträts mit dem Rembrandt-Licht

The Rembrandt light is particularly suitable for portraits or especially for beauty portraits. It is named after the famous Dutch painter Rembrandt van Rijn, who often used this type of light hitting a face for his particularly characteristic pictures.




The good thing about this one light setup is that it can already be implemented with fairly simple means. Because already with one steady light it is easily doable of course is not only using a continuous light but also a flash head soft box possible to achieve the desired effect. However, this is a bit more difficult to implement and will certainly require a few more attempts. On the other hand, if you work with Rollei flashes, for example, you can use the modeling light the later lighting and the cast shadow consider beforehand. In this case, for example, you can see whether the triangle is visible under the eye or not. If it is visible with the modeling light and the flash is correctly positioned, then all you have to do is look around Light intensity To take care of.




In order to be able to implement it, you have to main light standing over the model's head, but it is strongly shifted to the side. This creates a very striking light triangle on the shadowed cheek of the face pointing towards the camera, which can also be seen in paintings by Rembrandt.

For the Rembrandt light, the respective light shaper placed diagonally above left or right in front of the model and also raised, so that the characteristic drawing with the light triangle can arise at all. An indication that everything was done correctly with the structure is that the shadow of the nose pulls diagonally to the right or left (depending on the structure) and then connects with the shadow of the cheek.
This is important when setting ups light setups – that the model no longer moves its head after the precise alignment of the light. Because if movement takes place, it can already change the entire structure, which is a laborious one reorientation of the light would result. After a little practice it should Rembrandt light however, will soon no longer be a problem.


Rembrandt Licht

Mysteriously stage beauty portraits

In this case it came light source from the left, so that a striking strand of model Alina's hair was beautifully staged and illuminated up to the hairline. Here, the left half of the face is primarily illuminated, which creates a somewhat mysterious atmosphere, which ensures that the picture as a whole more exciting is to be considered.
Depending on your taste, you can decide whether to take the picture in color or black and white. In this case, we chose black and white because it is classic and timeless, while underlining the mysterious atmosphere that the Rembrandt light brings with it.

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