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Permanent light comparison: COB VS Pocket light VS Ring light VS Panel-which light should you choose?

Dauerlichtvergleich: COB vs Pocket-Lichter vs Ringlicht vs Panel – Welches Licht sollten Sie wählen?

Choosing the right permanent light is crucial for many creative projects. Regardless of whether you are a photographer, video, content creator or just a light enthusiast, the selection of the right lighting can significantly influence your work. In this article we compare four common types of permanent lights: COB (chip-on board), pocket lights, ring lights and panel lights. We illuminate the advantages and disadvantages of each option to help you decide which light best suits your needs and in which areas you can be used optimally. 

The guys at a glance: 
1. COB lights (chip on board)
2. Pocket lights
3. Ring lights

1.Cob lights (chip on board)
like our Candela or Lux series


  • High-intensive light: COB lights offer a very high light intensity that is well suited for large sets and professional applications. 
  • Compact design: Despite their high performance, COB lights are often compact and easy to transport. 
  • A wide range of applications: From film sets to photo studios to outdoor shootings-COB lights can be used in many ways. 
  • Flexibility with light formers: Thanks to Bowens -Mount, they can be used with different light formers to control the light quality and direction. 
COB lights

Optimal areas of application: 

  • Film productions: ideal for scenes that require strong and focused lighting. 
  • Professional photography: Suitable for studio recordings and outdoor shootings where high light output is required. 
  • Large events and stage lighting: thanks to the intensive light output and flexibility. 

2.Pocket lights 
like our Lumis series


  • Portability: As the name suggests, pocket lights are small and light, ideal for on the go. 
  • Easy handling: You are easy to use and do not need an elaborate installation. 
  • Flexibility: perfect for spontaneous recordings and creative lighting ups in unusual places. 
    Pocket Lichter Rollei

    Optimal areas of application: 

    • Vlogging and travel: ideal for content creators that are on the go and need light quickly. 
    • Street Photography: For situations in which a light and handy light is required. 
    • Hinter-the-scenario recordings: Fast setup for interviews and documentation. 

    like our Lumis ring light


    • Even illumination: ring lights offer even shadow -free lighting, ideal for portraits and macro shots. 
    • Eye reflection: They create attractive light reflections in their eyes, which makes them popular with beauty and fashion photographers. 
    • Simple assembly: ring lights are easy to assemble and can be attached directly to the camera or a tripod. 

      Optimal areas of application: 

      • Beauty and fashion photography: for professional make-up tutorials and portraits. 
      • Video conferences and webinars: ensures even illumination of the face. 
      • Product photography: Particularly useful for macro recordings of small objects. 

      4.Panel light 
      like our Vibe series


      • Late illumination: Panel lights offer a wide, even light distribution, ideal for larger scenes. 
      • Adjustable color temperature: Many panel lights enable the color temperature to be adjusted, which offers additional flexibility. 
      • Versality: They can be used in a variety of situations, from video productions to photo studios. 
        Panel Light Rollei

        Optimal areas of application: 

        • Video productions: excellent for interviews, talk shows and YouTube videos. 
        • Photo studios: Ideal for even lighting in portraits and group recordings. 
        • Events and presentations: offers large -scale and customizable lighting for different settings. 

        The choice of the right permanent light depends heavily on your specific needs and areas of application. Consider your individual requirements, your budget and the specific features of the different types of light to make the best decision for your projects. In this way you can ensure that your permanent light not only supports your creative visions, but also raises your work to a new level. 

        If you want advice, ours will be service available at any time.  

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