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At home in lockdown? This is how a creative photo shoot succeeds!

Rollei LED Lumis

Photographers are currently not having an easy time choosing their shooting locations. That's why it only makes sense to simply use your own four walls as a photo studio. A creative solution comes from us Photographer Seb Nagel from Kaiserslautern, who quickly converted his own shower into one with just a few tools special photo setup has made.

Rollei Shooting in der Dusche LED Lumis

camera focal length cover Shutter ISO
Sony A7R iii Image 1: 38 mm
Image 2: 27 mm
4.0 1/500 640


„The basic idea was that Slims to use it so that I could evenly illuminate the water trickling down my shower. In order to discreetly illuminate the model Juliane with warm light, he has Size S of the Slim LEDs used. You can either do this on the camera's hot shoe or, of course, in your hand. “It worked really well,” says the professional photographer. Above all, I wanted to work with the people in the picture WarmColdContrastsen play, he explains..

Construction & Equipment

Rollei Shooting Lumis

To use them in his shower, Seb had a clever idea, as you can see from his pictures. He explained to us: I have sizes M and L attached as follows. I have M on Monkey Pod attached and Size L on the tripod. And then I just have the lights Positioned directly on the shower head and directed diagonally downwards.“

The good thing about ours Monkey Pod is, among other things, that it can be used to quickly and easily to change the incidence of light.

Notice: Please pay attention that the LED lights are not waterproof. Be careful when using it near water!

Rollei Shooting Lumis LED

camera focal length cover Shutter ISO
Sony A7R iii 38mm 4.0 1/500 640


From high quality aluminum Depending on the size, the Slim LEDs manufactured have 135 LEDs (S) or 396 LEDs (L), which are equally on White light, Warm light and RGB are divided.


Seb used these settings and hardware:


  • Sony A7R iii / Sony FE 2770mm ZA OSSS


Rollei Shooting Lumis

camera focal length cover Shutter ISO
Sony A7R iii 33mm 4.0 1/320 640


As you can see, you can easily do creative shoots at home with a few very simple tools. You have also done great shoots at home. Then feel free to tag us with the hashtag #rolleicreate on Instagram and show us your pictures.

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