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SmokeMaster Pro:A revolution in image design for photography and videography

SmokeMaster Pro: Eine Revolution in der Bildgestaltung für Foto- & Videografie

Rollei SmokeMaster Pro: Compact fog machine for creative photo and video projects!

Fog effects can highlight details in both photography and videography and specifically reinforce the mood that the recordings are intended to convey. To make this a breeze, Rollei is expanding its range to include the SmokeMaster Pro, a hand-sized fog machine.

Norderstedt, January 10, 2024.

The use of Fog adds an additional dimension to visual stories. The diffuse and soft nature of the fog highlights details, enhances moods and gives scenes a mysterious or dramatic touch. The new SmokeMaster Pro from Rollei starts right here and offers a wide range of impressive Fog effects. This enables photo and video projects to reach a higher creative level.

No matter whether it's about Product, food or portrait photography and videography is possible SmokeMaster Pro Simply switch it on and it creates impressive settings. This is ensured by the various attachments supplied. For example, with the Fan attachment rather finer, more diffuse Fog are generated, which is evenly distributed in the room, while the Tube and the flexible one Silicone hose rather dense, compact ones Fog create something that can be placed precisely. The High pressure attachment bumps fine Fog at higher speed, and the Mist diffuser generated Fog with Dry ice effect, which remains on the table, on the floor or in containers.“.

Also in things service can be the handy one Fog machine convince. The steering takes place either directly on the device itself or via remote control from far. Thanks to the integrated, rechargeable battery SmokeMaster Pro Can be used mobile. Despite its impressive performance, the SmokeMaster Pro Astonishingly compact and light, with a total weight of just 360 grams. With the included bag it comes with spare fluids, attachments, remote control and charging cable can be quickly stowed away.

The SmokeMaster Pro comes with an amazing performance of 40 watts and one liquid tank, which has a capacity of 12 milliliters has. Rollei The new product not only focuses on aesthetics and functionality, but also on safety. The liquid supplied is based on vegetable glycerin and Propylene glycol, which is harmless to both humans and the environment. Offers even more flexibility Rollei Also available separately liquid as well as the liquid tank at.



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SmokeMaster Pro Pressemitteilung 1
SmokeMaster Pro Pressemitteilung 1