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Smart thermostats from the new"Rollei Energy"series

Smarte Thermostate der neuen „Rollei Energy“-Serie

Convenient smartphone control & useful modes for efficient heating

As part of the new Rollei Energy product series, Rollei is presenting efficient solutions for everyday use. It starts with the new smart thermostat. Available as a single product or in a starter set together with the ZigBee center for control, the new solution from Rollei offers comfort and efficiency for heating your own four walls. This is supplemented by the likewise new smart door and window sensor, which is compatible with the smart

Norderstedt, November 29, 2022. With the new Rollei Energy product series, Rollei is developing further with a view to the current challenges. The new n smart thermostats and accessories increase heating comfort and enable up to 30 percent of the heating costs to save compared to conventional heating thermostats.

This is the heart of the new product series starter set, consisting of a smart thermostat and a ZigBee center, which acts as a central node for up to 60 thermostats. Once connected to the home WiFi network, it communicates with the thermostats via the ZigBee radio standard. Regardless of where you are, both the thermostat and the central unit can be conveniently set as you wish using the free Smart Life smartphone app.den.

The thermostat itself convinces with many useful functions and modes that can be controlled via the app. This includes, for example, the heating plan mode. It allows to automate the temperature in up to ten different plans. The Eco mode helps with efficient heating and quickly regulates the temperature to a cost-saving minimum. Other useful modes such as the energy-saving, holiday, comfort, automatic and offset mode and many others also help remotely to ensure comfortable temperatures or cost-saving temperatures. If control via the app is not desired, the thermostat can be controlled by hand via the manual mode like a standard thermostat.

The smart thermostat can be installed on the standard M30x1.5 heating valve and, thanks to the adapter supplied, is also compatible with Danfoss RAVL, Danfoss RA, Danfoss RAV, Giacomini, Caleffi and M28x1.5 heating valves. Due to the simple and at the same time modern design, both the smart thermostat and the ZigBee central unit fit into any facility..

The smart door and window sensor is also new. It can be attached to doors and windows and automatically detects when they are opened or closed. Here, too, communication takes place via the ZigBee center included in the starter set. It is compatible with the smart thermostat and, when it detects an open door or window, sends the smart thermostat a signal via the central control unit to close the heating valve and thus prevent unnecessary energy consumption. The compact sensors are easily mounted using the attached double-sided adhesive tape.  


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