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Rollei presents the new Frame Flipper XL for even greater lens compatibility

Rollei präsentiert den neuen Frame Flipper XL für eine noch größere Objektiv-Kompatibilität

Rollei presents the new Frame Flipper XL for an even greater Lens compatibility

Quick change of High- to Landscape format for Lenses until 84 millimeters in diameter. Rollei is expanding its range of photo and video accessories with the introduction of the Frame Flipper XL, a complement to the popular Frame Flipper. The XL version also stands out for its ability to simplify switching between portrait and landscape format. With the compatibility of lenses with a diameter of up to 84 millimeters and a height-adjustable base for seamless integration with different camera models, the Frame Flipper XL Rollei's commitment to responding to customer feedback. Compatibility with Arca-Swiss tripods and a conveniently hidden Allen key round off the Frame Flipper XL package.

Norderstedt, 15.02.2024. Rollei, the specialist for photography- and Video equipment, with the introduction of the Frame Flipper XL an expansion of its diverse Assortment This is a new version that builds on the success of the original Frame Flippers builds up. Rollei shows that Customer feedback is heard. The Frame Flipper XL fits for even more Lenses and does that taking photos and Film more flexible.

The new Frame Flipper XL is characterized by its ability to switch between High- and Landscape format This flexibility is particularly valuable in dynamic Shooting situations, where the Time and the possibility to react quickly, are crucial. With the addition of the XL version, offers the Frame Flipper Customization options for Lenses with a diameter from up to 64 millimeters or 84 millimeters, giving it a wide compatibility with different Lens types ensures.

Another highlight is the height adjustable base of Frame Flipper, the one seamless integration with a variety of Camera models This guarantees that the camera is securely fastened and that Photographers can work without restrictions. As also stated by the small size known, the Frame Flipper sure that all connections and that Display the camera remain accessible at all times.

The compatibility with Arca-Swiss tripods underlines the versatility of Frame Flipper XL and offers the opportunity to camera fast and secure This is particularly useful in Situations, in which stability and speed are in demand. The Practically hidden Allen keys is a clever feature, the quick adjustments on site without the need for additional tools is needed.

Over Rollei: Rollei has over Decades of camera history written and that Photography revolutionizedThe company became famous with the legendary twin-lens camera Rolleiflex 666, which already 1929 in Series production went.

Since 2010 include the worldwide trademark rights to a young companies, which the Passion for the photography and lives with enthusiasm. Since the takeover was that Product range extensively expanded. The Product range includes Tripods, filter, Flash units, Camera bags, Photo backpacks and also a few Cameras. The new Owner the worldwide trademark rights is by Market successfully established and one of the Market leader at Statives in Germany After the motto: „Around the camera for a better picture“.

With the new Rollei Energy product seriesy“ develops the Photo accessories manufacturer with regard to the current challenges further. Rollei would like to Photographers also Customers from other areas efficient solutions for the Everyday offer.


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Frame Flipper XL
Frame Flipper XL
Frame Flipper XL
Frame Flipper XL