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Rollei presents filter sets from the 'F:X Pro' series

Titelbild F:X Pro Filtersets Pressemitteilung

Exciting bundles for fans of long exposure

On the occasion of the 1st anniversary of the F:X Pro square filter series, Rollei is presenting three new filter sets that are precisely designed for a wide variety of photographic needs. The range has also been expanded to include new ND filters.t.

Hamburg/Norderstedt 05/20/2020 Exactly one year ago, Rollei presented the rectangular filter series F:X Pro (100 mm), a revised version of its successful filter product range. Among other things, non-reflection, color fidelity and scratch resistance were improved. The Gorilla Glass filters have also received an ultra-fine coating that even high-end cameras with 150 MP can work with without any problems. Because the series is particularly well received by customers, there will now be three new filter sets for the 1st birthday of the F:X Pro. The Graduated Filter Set, the Exposure Set and the Ultra Exposure Set. In addition, the company announces further ND filters in strengths 4, 16, 32 and 512.512 an.

F:X Pro Graduated Filter Set

in theGraduated filter set all common gradient filters (GND) are included, with which motifs with different brightness gradients can be compensated. Photographers choose the respective filter types, for example, according to how hard or soft the transition of a horizon line is, or whether only the middle of the picture should be darkened, such as at sunrise or sunset. The set includes the filters Soft, Center, Medium, Hard and Reverse, all of which have a strength of 8, with the exception of the Soft GND, which has a strength of 16. The background is that the GND 8 is the most popular filter that many customers already own..

exposure set

forthis set there are many areas of application. For example, they can be used in wedding photography when the sun is shining strongly and you want to work with an open aperture. If a little more exposure time is required, the filters can also be combined with one another, which makes classic long-term exposures possible over a longer period of time. Included here are ND filters in strengths 4, 8, 16, 32 and 64.

Ultra Exposure Set

As the name suggests, enablesthis set extended long exposures. For this reason, particularly strong ND filters are included, with which, for example, in architectural photography in broad daylight, exposure can be continued until, for example, people have disappeared from the photo. A particularly strong softening of flowing water or moving clouds is also possible. Included are strengths 512, 1000, 2000, 4000 and 32000.

New ND filters also available individually

The new ND filters are also available individually in strengths of 4, 16, 32 and 512. Customers can also use the filter kit at to put together the filters and save money in this way. The new F:X Pro filters come on the market for 149.99 (RRP).arkt.

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