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Rollei expands its range of flashes with the"Rollei Studio"series with new studio flashes

Pressemitteilung Studioblitz Serie "Rollei Studio"

Wide compatibility with current HS Freeze series and standardized Bowens mountnt

With the introduction of the new Rollei Studio product series, Rollei presents a new series of studio flashes. It includes six studio flashes with outstanding functions for entry-level flash photography as well as for professional photography. .
The two entry-level models offer an output of 300 and 500 watt-seconds respectively. The four larger Pro models offer a choice of 400, 600, 800 or 1200 watt-seconds of power and different flash modes for maximum flexibility. A notable feature is the powerful modeling light for precise lighting preview. Other highlights include the versatile compatibility with the HS Freeze series, common camera models and the Bowens mount.unt.

Norderstedt, 06.07.2023. Rollei, the renowned expert in photo accessories, is pleased to announce the launch of the new Rollei Studio series. With this expansion of the flash range, Rollei offers photographers an even larger selection of high-quality studio flashes for their creative projects.e.

The Rollei "Studio" series includes six new studio flashes, all of which are equipped with outstanding highlights in order to meet the requirements of beginners and professionals alike. The two Rollei Studio 300 and Rollei Studio models are particularly well suited for getting started with flash photography 500 with an output of 300 and 500 watt-seconds, which can be variably adjusted in seven f-stops user-friendly LC display, so that the various settings can be easily read.

The four larger Pro models with 400, 600, 800 or 1200 watt-seconds of power also impress with a variety of functions. All four flashes offer an extensive variety of modes, including h manual, TTL or HSS flash modes. This flexibility makes it possible for hobby or professional photography to achieve the desired lighting effects.

An outstanding feature of the new Rollei Studio series is the 15 watt flash for the smaller models and the 30 watt for the larger models e modeling light. This offers a bright and efficient lighting preview to enable the ideal lighting before the actual recording. Compositions can thus be planned precisely.

In addition, the innovations are characterized by their wide compatibility out of. They fit all available HS Freeze studio flashes. This enables effortless integration into existing equipment and makes it easy to add to Rollei's flash accessories. In addition, compatibility with the radio transmitters from Rollei, the professional radio transmitter Mark II and the professional U7 radio trigger and with common camera brands is ensured. In addition, all Rollei studio flashes come with a standardized Bowens mount fitted. This ensures a versatile connection to a wide range of light shapers, such as soft boxes, beauty dishes, and spotlights and other accessories.



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