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New round filters in small sizes from Rollei

Neue Rundfilter in kleinen Größen von Rollei

For Sony Alpha 6000s, Nikon Z50, Olympus PEN-F

Rollei now offers two new premium round filter sets for owners of the Sony Alpha 6000 series, Nikon Z50 and Olympus PEN-F. With the ND premium gray filters, long exposures are possible during the day, and the Astroklar filters in the new set with CPL filters make the stars shine in night shots by reducing light pollution.

Hamburg/Norderstedt, September 2nd, 2020 Rollei is expanding its range circular filters to filter in sizes 37mm, 40.5mm and 46mm . The new round filters are therefore ideal for three popular camera models in connection with certain lenses: namely the Sony Alpha 6000 series with 16-50mm OSS, Nikon Z50 with DX 16-50mm and Olympus PEN-F with 14-42mm EZ pancakes Both new sets offer impressive effects, especially for beginners in creative photography.

Premium ND Filter Set:
The Rollei premium ND filters with the strengths ND8 (3 stops), ND64 (6 stops) and ND1000 (10 stops) are now also available as a set in the sizes 37 mm, 40.5 mm and 46 mm. Gray filters can be used to display wiping and flow effects in the image, such as clouds or soft-focus water surfaces. The filters in the set can be used individually or combined with one another.

CPL/Astroklar filter set:
The Astroklar filters also come in the new sizes 37 mm, 40.5 mm and 46 mm in a set with CPL filters. The Astroklar filters conjure up clear starry skies, and the CPL filters reduce unwanted light reflections on non-metallic surfaces. The new premium round filters made from extremely robust Gorilla Glass also fit lenses from other manufacturers..



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Graufilter-Set 37mm

Graufilter-Set 40,5mm

Graufilter-Set 46mm