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New:Magnetic photo filters and limited edition Lion Rock Traveler tripods

Neu: Magnetische Foto-Filter und limitierte Lion Rock Traveler Stative

Great additions to popular anniversary product series

On the occasion of the 102nd birthday of its own brand, Rollei is presenting two innovations in popular product series. As a homage to the popular premium class of Rollei tripods, there is a colored limited edition of the Lion Rock Traveler tripod series. You can also look forward to new, magnetic F:X Pro round filters, which enable extremely quick changes during shootings.

Norderstedt, January 26, 2022. The Tripods from the Lion Rock Traveler series have been very popular in a wide variety of applications for many years. To celebrate the 102nd anniversary of the Rollei brand Rollei offers the extremely light carbon tripod in sizes S, M and L as strict limited green version in a number of each 250 tripods per size.

The tough ones Travel tripods from the Lion Rock Traveler series are characterized by their particularly light weight, their stability and their high load capacity. The tripods of green limited series take over all the known functions and thus prove to be the ideal partner for long hikes, air travel or on the beach for shake-free shots of all kinds.


Magnetic round filters from Rollei

The new ones too magnetic round filter allow a particularly quick change of the lens without time-consuming screwing and unscrewing. Next to one CPL filter are also available in an extensive set four ND filters in the strengths ND8, ND64, ND1000 and ND2000.

Like everyone else F:X Pro series filters also stand out the new ones magnetic filter characterized by the ultra-fine F:X Pro Coating, which ensures razor-sharp images, even with a resolution of up to 150 megapixels.

The new one is available F:X Pro magnetic neutral density filter set in the following sizes: 62, 67, 72, 77 and 82 millimeters in diameter. each filter set contains in addition to the filters a magnetic adapter ring, which is attached to the lens and thus enables quick attachment of the filters to the camera. The set also comes with two lids that protect the filters from the outside during storage and transport.

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 Produktabbildung Lion Rock Traveler S in GrünAnwendungsbeispiel Lion Rock Traveler S in GrünProduktabbildung Magnetisches Rundfilter-Set von RolleiAnwendungsbeispiel Magnetisches Rundfilter-Set von Rollei