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New from Rollei:Universal L-Bracket and F:X Pro ND32000 filter

Neu von Rollei: Universal L-Winkel und Filter F:X Pro ND32000

Camera L-angle and ND filter for landscape and architecture photography

At the Fotohaven trade fair from 5.2. From February 9 to 9, 2020 in Hamburg and from Friday at the Mundologia in Freiburg, Rollei will be presenting two new products. The newe Universal L bracket is an in-house development by Rollei and is based on the experience of professional photographers. With theL angle the photographer is able to switch quickly and precisely between portrait and landscape format on the tripod. The second innovation complements the successful F:X Pro filter series with a particularly strong ND filter. The new filterr „F:X Pro ND32000“ with 15 stops allows long exposures even in intense sunshine.

Hamburg/Norderstedt, February 5th, 2020 An uncomplicated, simple change between photographs in portrait and landscape format is indispensable in many areas of photography. With the new L angle from Rollei, the format of the camera can be changed directly on the film plane of the tripod. Image distortions in panorama shots are thus prevented. Of theL angle is compatible with all Arca-Swiss tripod heads, and the camera rail fits almost any camera. The anti-slip coating provides a secure hold and the L-rail has cut-outs that allow access to the side camera connections. Thomas Güttler, Managing Director of Rollei, is enthusiastic about the in-house development from Rollei: With the L angle our customers get an extremely high-quality product that is the perfect complement for cameras and tripods. The angle is already one of our new favorite products. It is available Universal L bracket for 49.99 in the Rollei online shop..

Another product innovation is the ND filterF:X Pro ND32000 in the format 100 x 100 millimeters. With an unbelievable 15 stops, this is particularly suitable for long exposures in bright sunlight. This enables exposure times during the day that would otherwise be unimaginable. A long exposure time, for example, can make moving objects such as people or cars disappear from landscape or architectural motifs. Like all filters in the F:X Pro series, theF:X Pro ND32000 Made from enormously robust and hard-wearing Gorilla Glass and scores with high color fidelity and non-reflection. Available for 149.99 in the Rollei online shop and in Rollei's proven modular filter system.i.

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