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Five new focal lengths for Nikon Z-mount cameras

Fünf neue Brennweiten für Nikon-Kameras mit Z-Mount

Rollei presents new lenses from Viltrox for Nikon full-frame and APS-C cameras

Rollei is expanding the range of lenses for Nikon Z full-frame cameras with two new Viltrox lenses with focal lengths of 24 and 35 millimeters. With their wide-angle properties, the lenses create natural shots in landscape and street photography. In addition, the photo accessories manufacturer Rollei is presenting three lenses for Nikon APS-C cameras with a Z mount with focal lengths of 23, 33 and 56 millimeters.

Norderstedt, November 1st, 2021. Together with Viltrox, Rollei expands the portfolio fast lenses for Nikon cameras with Z-mount. As well as full frame as well as users of APS-C cameras can look forward to new options.

In the full frame area 24 mm AF and 35 mm AF versions of the two lenses are now available. Both are with one ner large initial aperture of 1.8 fitted. Both Focal lengths 24 and 35 millimeters it is about wide angle lenses. While the additional 24 mm lens is primarily suitable for landscape photography, confined spaces, street photography and reports, the 35 mm lens is characterized by its natural perspective.

The new lenses support Nikon's eye focus and manual focus. Silently working STM focus motors make the new ones fixed focal lengths the first choice for video recordings.

For the Nikon Z-mount mirrorless cameras and APS-C sensor will from now on Focal lengths 23, 33, and 56 millimeters offered. The three new fixed focal lengths are particularly versatile thanks to the large initial aperture of 1.4. The already diverse Viltrox range is thus the first to include high-speed lenses for mirrorless Nikon cameras Z mount and APS-C sensor expanded.

With the lens with the 23mm focal length it is an easy one wide angle lens, which convinces with natural perspective. This makes it ideal for use in landscape, architecture and street photography.

The 33mm lens presents itself as a normal lens and a versatile all-rounder that knows how to shine in every photographic situation. With the 56mm focal length a light telephoto lens complements the range. Thanks to the large open aperture and the associated release, the lens proves to be ideal for use in portrait photography.

Both the Lenses for APS-C as well as those for full frame sensors have aperture rings for manual adjustment. The lenses are supplied with a lens hood, lens cover and lens bag.


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