Sustainability at Rollei

Sustainability also plays a major role at Rollei!
At Rollei, we are aware of our obligations that come with the production and consumption of products. We live in a time when we can no longer stand by and take action against pollution and climate change. That is why sustainability is very important at Rollei!

Recycling instead of new production

One of the easiest ways to be eco-conscious is with the packaging of our products. Here we make sure to use 100% recycled shipping material. The filling material of Rollei products is also made from 100% waste paper. In this way, we not only contribute to reducing waste, but also do not create a negative CO2 footprint by using new materials. To go one step further, we have set ourselves the goal of making the packaging for all Rollei products entirely from waste paper by 2022, thus closing the loop. Recycling uses fewer resources and at the same time saves CO2, as there are no costly production steps.

PROJECT:REDD+ Avoided Unplanned Deforestation

Acapa - Bajo Mira y Frontera

Acapa - Bajo Mira y Frontera protects forests directly owned jointly by the communities of Acapa and Bajo Mira y Frontera, who own the project and are the indigenous Afro-Colombian descendants of the rights holders of these lands. The project is carried out in collaboration with the NGO Fondo Acción, which has been recognized by the municipalities as the promoter. The project aims to protect the old-growth rainforest in the countryside. Historically, illegal logging has been an important source of revenue in the project zone and is the focus of this project. As a result of the gradual degradation of forests from continued logging, much forested land is eventually converted to cropland and grazing land. The project aims to alleviate this pressure on forests by promoting administrative capacity (including individual property rights, land use planning and delineation of protected areas), creating alternative economic activities and sources of income, and building administrative and managerial capacity. By creating these alternative opportunities and allowing the communities to directly own and manage the project, illegal logging is expected to be reduced.

rollei x treenation

Take responsibility for the environment!

The quality of our products and the responsibility towards our customers are our top priority. Nevertheless, as a company, we know that sustainable consumption and the combination of quality and environmental friendliness is the only right solution today. That's why we've teamed up with Tree Nation and decided to plant a tree for every product we buy, thereby actively contributing to CO2 reduction. So far we have planted 53,630 trees and thus contributed to offsetting more than 5.5 tons of CO2 (as of January 23rd, 2022).

Sustainability at Rollei also by post!

Together with DPD and DHL, we have found a way to make our shipping as CO2-neutral as possible. GoGreen shipping from DHL and Deutsche Post enabled climate-neutral shipping through investments in global climate protection projects that help protect the environment and continue to reduce CO2 emissions. To really offset enough, we use Shopify Offset to calculate our carbon footprint. We do our best not only to take from the planet, but also to give and generate a sustainable and environmentally friendly consumption strategy.

Together for a better future

That's why we made the choice not to have some of the plastic that we need for the production of our products produced again. We have teamed up with partners and are trying to remove some of the plastic from the sea and use it for our purposes. This is how old becomes new. And that not only makes our customers happy, but also the planet. Because sustainability at Rollei is important to us!