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The new generation of tripod is here!

Stephan Wiesner: He uses our LUX series for this!

Stephan Wiesner: Dafür nutzt er unsere LUX-Serie!

Stephan Wiesner: He uses our LUX series for that! 


Before the launch, professional photographer Stephan Wiesner had the opportunity to test our advanced LUX series under real conditions. The LUX lighting systems stand out for their exceptional versatility and compact design, setting them apart from conventional lighting solutions. 

Stephan Wiesner has already appreciated the advantages of the 100-watt Candela model for his photography while traveling, especially because of its flexibility and compactness. However, the new LUX series, especially the 100-watt LUX lamp, sets new standards: "It is not only powerful but also exceptionally compact - barely larger than two iPhones stacked on top of each other." 

This innovation is particularly relevant for air travel. The strict luggage regulations on airplanes often require compromises in equipment. However, the LUX lamp fits easily into carry-on luggage without sacrificing performance. This allows photographers like Wiesner to continue their creative work at a high level while traveling. The LUX series thus offers a perfect solution for those who are on the go and seek not only flexibility but also uncompromising quality. 


Applications and practical experiences 

Lightweight, compact, and operable with both electricity and battery - these features make the LUX lamps the perfect companion for on-the-go. Wiesner mainly uses them for outdoor shootings due to their speed and mobility. A recent use took place during a trip to Norway, where the compactness and flight suitability of the new LUX battery grip stood out. The LUX series also proves to be extremely useful for smartphone photography, enabling more professional results with minimal effort. 


The choice between Candela and LUX 

Wiesner recommends carefully choosing between Candela and LUX depending on the area of application and personal preferences. While Candela is particularly suitable for studio shots or on-site work with a bit more equipment, the LUX series impresses with its compactness and suitability for air travel. Regardless of the choice, the ability to make settings via the app provides additional flexibility and control, especially in terms of color design and temperature adjustment. 


Are you also looking to get your new continuous light directly? Then check out our LUX and Candela series. We wish you lots of fun with photo and video shootings. 

Feel free to tag us in your results on social media with @rollei_de and #rolleicreate. We are very excited to see where you use your Rollei continuous light. 

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