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Variable ND:Our new filter can do all this

Variabler ND: Das alles kann unser neuer Filter

Anna Münzebrock |

It is extremely popular with our customers because it is extremely practical in its entirety. Especially for photographers who like to have a larger selection of filters with them on their trips. And that is exactly what our offers you variable F:X Pro ND8-512.

Its peculiarity is that the filter combines the strengths of ND 8 to ND 512 having all these strengths in just this one single filter combined are.

Marking on the filter for the most accurate darkening

It is helpful that on the ND filters each labeled is what strength you are at, so you can always set exactly what you want. Also he will variable ND filters together with one shutter speed table delivered, with the help of which the exposure times of the individual filter strengths can be calculated.

Rollei variabler ND-Filter

ISO exposure time focal length cover
50 13 sec 166mm 22

The professional photographer Harald Kröher tested the variable ND filter for us and came to these great results:

Harald Kröher says: I had it variable ND filter in the beautiful Palatinate, in the Black Forest, in Ticino and also in Brittany on the Atlantic. You really have to think of him as one double polarizing filter. Whereby by twisting the pole discs a stepless dimming can be brought about.“

A huge advantage over conventional gray filters, explains Kröher, are the following points:

  1. You only need a gray filter and save yourself awkward changing
  2. Compared to the complete series saved money
  3. You can with that exactly desired time-aperture combination work.

Rollei variabler ND-Filter

ISO exposure time focal length cover
1600 1/10 sec 48mm 16


„The often mentioned disadvantages of a variable ND filter are not confirmed with the Rollei product. There was no discoloration, not even with an aperture setting and an exposure factor of 9, explains Kröher..

„The variable ND filters did it very well easy clean“, said Kröher after the test. When it rained lightly, no water penetrated between the polarizing filters and the table provided made it easy to set the filter to the desired time.

In Brittany, the filter was then briefly showered with salt water in strong waves. And here, too, no effect was visible at all after cleaning.

Rollei variabler ND-Filter

ISO exposure time focal length cover
125 1/15 sec 70mm 6.3


His conclusion

„I can do this Recommend filters. Because you get the desired result faster, it is special easy to trade and you save money too. Instead of three or four neutral density filters, you simply use that variable ND8-512 by Rollei and ideally already has the filter that you have just imagined with you.“


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