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Playing with light and shadow:Photographing with artificial light

Das Spiel mit Licht und Schatten: Fotografieren mit Kunstlicht

Anna Münzebrock |

Photographer Patrick Engfer also uses them artificial light source gladly for own shootings. For years he has been using a wide variety of Rollei products and with the help of this technology he can take his recordings to a new level and at the same time greatest possible quality to ensure. This was the ideal opportunity for a photo shoot with the Lumen Studio steady lights. The aim was to position the light so that the incoming light imitated the sun and a Portrait with sunset flair arises.  

The final photo:

Rollei finales Foto

For the setting, Patrick Engfer needed the model, the camera and the LED permanent light not much other equipment. The LED permanent light was equipped with a daylight-like color temperature of 5,500 Kelvin placed on a lamp tripod outside the window. Since it was raining lightly outside at the time of the shoot, Engfer positioned a large umbrella over the light. This ensured that the device would not be exposed to moisture.

through the easy handling it was easy for the photographer to quickly find the right position for the light. The model was placed in a few minutes and he was able to compare the settings with his camera.

The setting:

Rollei Aufbau des Setups

With the setting shown above, you too can create one in just a few simple steps simple portrait idea with a exciting effect achieve. Unleash your creativity and be with us even without the natural light you need LED steady lights flexible and use the interaction of artificial light and shadows with simple tools such as blinds.

You have with our Lumen LED steady lights can implement a creative shooting Then please tag us underr #rolleicreate on Facebook and Instagram. We look forward to your results.


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