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This is how you can take great photos with your smartphone!

Fotoshooting mit dem Smartphone

Anna Münzebrock |



Good DSLR or DSLM cameras can be very expensive depending on the equipment and brand. Money that not everyone has on hand, but who may still be keen to take photos that look high quality and appealing. How about, for example, this picture DIY in the living room at home You don't really need much to get this result. And also not a fully equipped photo studio, but just one n smart phone and a few other items.


camera cover shutter ISO
Samsung Galaxy Note10 2.1 1/50 50



The shooting, during which the photos in this article were taken, was implemented by Photographer Janine Gwinner (Instagram: STUDIO PHOTOS FROM THE LIVING ROOM@lost140601) and her boyfriend André Duxmann (Instagram: @djamd). Part of the equipment were two Lumen Sticks from Rollei, whose LEDs light up in RGB. The sticks are easy to use and at the same time particularly inexpensive. In this way, you as a photographer are able to illuminate your motif in an absolutely colorful way and still not have to invest too much money for good light.





The model for this shoot was Lorena Bjelic (Instagram: @loreeniya) and the shoot took place in her living room in Solingen. However, not much additional equipment was required. In the following article we explain how you can easily take such aesthetic photos with your smartphone and what else you need besides your mobile phone..


Rollei Lumen LED
First, so-called V-flats were set up in the living room. Reflector walls where one side is light and the other is dark. Depending on the shooting, you can decide whether light should be reflected or absorbed. The two have formed a U out of the walls so that as little unwanted light as possible affects the motif. For this reason, the dark side was also used on the inside.


 Then the sticks left and right at a 45-degree angle to model Lorena, who sat down on a bar stool. The sticks were aligned slightly offset so that you can see a difference in the dominance of the colors. When I took the photos, André was able to take them using the Rollei app Lumen Sticks control, explains Janine. You can easily vary the lights and try different perspectives. How the model sits, how the light comes across and whether the colors are in the middle. Even small changes make a difference. That's why it's good that someone else can also control it, she explains. Also practical: Apart from 90 LEDs in RGB, our sticks also offer equal parts white light (87 LEDs) and warm light (87 LEDs), as well as a color temperature between 3200 and 9999 Kelvin. So you can creatively vary every photo idea.en.


In the setup described here, the Lumen Sticks not always held in the air, but they stood at a 45 degree angle to the model on two lamp stands, on which the lights can be easily attached. This ensures that the entire lighting situation does not change due to movement.


In the best case, you should of course be able to edit an image directly on your smartphone if it was already taken there. And of course there are also the right apps for exactly this purpose. Janine uses a handful of different apps for this. Janine Inshot recommends Lightroom for light settings, VSCO (for different color settings), Snapseed for retouching small things and for videos.


 Note: Please note that the Lumen Stick RGB shown in the photos is the previous version without an integrated and non-removable handle. The technical specifications of the new model with integrated handle are identical. You can use the new Lumen Stick RGB for a shoot in the same way as described and shown here.

Lumen App


Our Lumen Sticks you can either control it directly on the device or with our Lumen App. In this way, you can easily set intensities, colors and gradients with your smartphone without having to put the camera down. In this case, either switch between the Rollei app and the smartphone camera or work with another partner who operates the app..

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Ich habe mir das rollei Lumen 150 set geholt und wollte die 2 lichter über mekne Handy App starten. Jedoch habe ich gesehen es änder die farbe nicht sonder nur die hellichkeit.
Mache ich etwas falsch oder auf was müsste ich achten.

Ich freue mich auf ihre Antwort
Karla Bacinic

Karla Bacinic,

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